Australian All Breeds Miniature Goat Society Inc.

INC#: IA41987
HEAD OFFICE: 1165 Brightview Road, Brightview QLD 4311

Welcome to the AABMGS Inc.

The Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society Inc. is an association which is inclusive of all goats in Australia with miniature breeding. 

We have a registry for, and cater for the needs of, breeders and enthusiasts of Australian Miniature Goats, Australian Miniature Nubians, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf goats and any other miniature goat breed. 

We are a dedicated and friendly bunch of people who are working together to further develop miniature goat breeding in Australia and are inclusive of all individual goats and the individual breeding programs of all Stud owners.

Latest News

The Annual General Meeting was conducted with great insight into new developments for miniature breeds and the society. 

The AABMGS Inc. has expanded to include Miniature Sheep.

There are many breeders in Australia who have been experimenting with breeding Miniature Sheep and Importing Genetics to develop new breeds.

These Miniature Sheep breeders deserve recognition for all their hard work and dedication to their own individual breeding programs and the AABMGS Inc. is proud to welcome these breeders and we strive to build the best supportive network possible.

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