Australian All Breeds Miniature Goat Society Inc.

INC#: IA41987
HEAD OFFICE: 1165 Brightview Road, Brightview QLD 4311

AABMGS Inc. Objectives

  • To be inclusive of all Goat Breeders in Australia who wish to develop new and existing Miniature breeds of goats.

  • To make inclusive and appropriate provisions for registering  and recording all goats with Miniature breeding in Australia.

  • To compile, print and publish information at intervals, in the form of a Herd Book to assist new and existing breeders in their individual breeding programmes in Australia

  • To promote and encourage the importation of all Miniature breeds of goat into Australia

  • To encourage affiliation with all other goat breeding organisations in Australia and overseas.

  • To establish relationships with all other goat breeding organisations in Australia and overseas, and encourage the exchange of information with     organisations which have similar objectives.

  • To promote and continuously raise the standards of breeding and the health of all goats with Miniature breeding.

  • To promote public awareness of the health, welfare and good goat keeping practices in Australia.

  • To collect and publish helpful and desirable information related to breeding, keeping and exhibiting Miniature goats in Australia.

  • To uphold the value of all Miniature goats bred in Australia.

  • To value and appreciate the knowledge, passion, time and effort of all goat breeders in Australia.

  • To promote the AMGS and all breeds of Miniature goats via our website, social media, publications, displays and the holding of exhibitions.

  • To encourage all members to become competent and confident breeders and exhibitors of Miniature goats.

  • To encourage members to become competent and qualified to judge the various breeds of Miniature goats.

  • To compile a list of all members and their qualifications.

  • To encourage ethical conduct by the members in relation to Miniature goat marketing and exhibiting.

  • To promote the development of a cooperative network of Miniature goat breeders based on equality and inclusiveness.

  • To make contributions towards ribbons, trophies, awards and prizes for a variety of Miniature goat competitions and exhibitions. 

  • To promote Miniature goat breeding in Australia in any other way not already mentioned.

  • To continuously strive to be in touch with the needs of all breeders and owners of Miniature goats in Australia and overseas.
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