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All information, breed standard, photos and descriptions

provided by Deb Royans of Tanjar Stud

Pinjarra. Western Australia

AABMGS Babydoll Breed Standard

 A good Babydoll should catch the eye with its alertness and balanced appearance, displaying the following characteristics: 


• Wide and level between the ears, with no sign of a horn or dark poll. Not too long from eyes to nose. 
• Strong lower jaw. Teeth fitting well up on the pad. 
• Wide mouth showing the classic Babydoll smile. 
• Nostrils full and wide. Dark nose preferred. Nose not all pink or without pigmentation. 
• Hair of soft texture on the face should ideally cover the entire muzzle and extend from the corners of the mouth to a rounded point between the eyes on the adult sheep.
 • Fleece on the cheeks, forehead and around the eyes should not be so long as to obstruct vision.
• Colour of the hair on the muzzle should be: 
o light tan to brown to cinnamon to mousy grey with even colours preferred for an off-white fleeced sheep  
o Black for black, grey or chocolate fleeced sheep (greying with age is acceptable). 
o Not lacking pigmentation (breed disqualification) 
o Black face on off-white fleeced sheep (breed disqualification).
 • Eyes large, bright and clear of wool. 
• Ears medium size. Short wool on ears preferred. 


• Neck wide at base, strong and well set on the shoulder with as few wrinkles as possible. 
• Shoulders neither too wide nor too narrow, level with the back, not too heavy and allowing free movement, no depression behind the blades. 


 • A leg at each corner, short, straight and well up on the pasterns.
 • Cannon bone strong.
 • Hocks thick and strong.
 • Lower leg hair and fleece colour similar to muzzle colour. The coloured hair of the legs should extend from the feet to about the knees where it meets the body fleece. 


• Chest deep over the heart but not too wide.
• Ribs well sprung.


• Back long, wide and level with only a slight slope of the croup.
• Overall body length slightly longer than tall. 


• Broad, almost level with the spine. 


• Loin long, wide and thick. 
• Hind flanks fully developed


• Full, well-muscled hind saddle, well let down. 
• Deep, wide muscling through the twist and legs. 


• Good size, well hung, carrying two normal, well developed testicles. 
• One or two testicles not descended or split testicles are a breed disqualification. 


• Wide and well attached with two functioning teats.
• Extra functioning teats are discriminated against. Extra non-functioning teats are not discriminated against.


• Delicate grey to bright pink on off-white sheep. 
• Dark tones on black sheep. 
• Should not have wrinkles over the body. 


• Wool fine and dense and covering the whole of the body down to the hocks and knees. 
• With a foretop. 


• 45cm – 61cm is preferred.
 • Heights below 43cm and above 61cm at one year old are a disqualification. Heights above 62cm in older sheep are a disqualification. 


• Acceptable fleece colours: off-white, black, greys and Moorits. 
• Colour loss is acceptable. 
• Patches and spotted are acceptable except as listed below. 
• Sheep should be registered with their birth colour. 
• Unacceptable fleece colours and markings:
 o Off-white fleeced sheep with a black muzzle and/or legs is a breed disqualification and the sheep cannot be registered.
o Off-white sheep where both the muzzle hair and the leg hair/fleece are bright white (lacking pigmentation) is a breed disqualification and the sheep cannot be registered. If the fleece/hair on the muzzle or the legs is bright white but the other has some tan in it, it is a breed discrimination. These sheep can be registered.
o Black-fleeced sheep with an off-white muzzle and/or legs is a breed disqualification and the sheep cannot be registered.
o Sheep that have predominately bright white fleece on their body including the fleece and hair on the muzzle and/or legs is a breed disqualification. These sheep cannot be registered.


Height at shoulder below 43cm or above 61cm at one year old 
• Height at shoulder below 43cm or above 62cm at two or more years old 
• Solid 2.5cm or larger scurs or horns 
• Roman nose 
• Bright solid pink nose and lips or nose and lips without any pigmentation (pale white) 
• Severe under or overbite, with distinct space between teeth and edge of dental pad 
• Solid white hooves 
• One or both testicles not descended 
• Split testicles
• Off-white fleeced sheep with a black muzzle and/or legs 
• Off-white fleeced sheep with muzzle and legs both bright white 
• Black-fleeced sheep with an off-white muzzle and/or legs 
• Muzzle lacking pigmentation 
• Predominantly bright white-fleeced sheep