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Elf Goats

The Elf Goats are found in many feral (Australian Bush Goat) goat populations in Australia and they are distinctly different from the La Manchas although they have possibly developed from goats with the same earless gene. They are much smaller than the La Mancha and are also not a dairy breed.
The Elf Goats found their way to Australia on ships and are believed to have originated from Spain and Mexico though references to short-eared goats date back as far as records from ancient Persia. Goats and other cargo were traded from ship to ship all over the world during the early settlement times. Although contemporary Spaniards have no official name for their short ear goats they do recognize that they are different and dub them "monas" (little monkeys) or "monadas" (cuties).
Around 20 years ago a herd of Australian Bush Goats were caught which included some Elf Goats and a gentleman in New South Wales by the name of Mr Bishop took an interest in the unusual little earless goats and has been breeding them since to keep the earless gene going.
Since this time the popularity of the Elf Goat has grown slowly and now there are some Australian Miniature Goat Breeders who have been developing the breed and selectively pairing goats based on their conformation and their ears. Every goat has two ear genes and the tiny ear gene appears to be prominent.

The Elf Goats can have two main types of ear, the Gopher and the Elf.

Gopher ear: An approximate maximum length of one inch but preferably nonexistent and with very little or no cartilage. The end of the ear must be turned up or down.

Elf ear: An approximate maximum length of two inches is allowed, the end of the ear must be turned up or turned down and cartilage shaping the small ear is allowed.

Elf Goat Show Heights

Elf Goats have slightly different Show Heights due to them naturally being slightly larger than the Australian Miniature Goat.

It is the aim of all Miniature Goat Breeders to selectively pair goats with the purpose of reducing heights. Show Heights will be reviewed each year using information gathered from Elf Goat Breeders.

Doe under 6 months (under 50cm)

Buck under 6 months (under 53cm)

Doe 6 to 12 months (under 54.5cm)

Buck 6 to 12 months (under 58cm)


Doe 12 to 24 months (under 60cm)

Buck 12 to 24 months (under 62cm)

Doe 24 to 36 months (under 61.5cm)

Buck 24 to 36 months (under 63.5cm)

Doe 3 to 4 years (under 63cm)

Buck 3 to 4 years (under 65cm)

Doe over 4 years (under 63.5cm)

Buck over 4 years (under 66cm)