Australian All Breeds Miniature Goat Society Inc.

INC#: IA41987
HEAD OFFICE: 1165 Brightview Road, Brightview QLD 4311

Grading and Registation


The Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society Inc. is accepting of all goats and their Owners and/or Breeders. We are also open to anyone who wishes to develop a miniature goat of any particular breed type. Each breed will have a set of standards developed specifically for them. We will be inclusive of all breeds of goat including dairy and meat varieties. 
If you wish to become involved with breeding any miniature goat breed, and think you already have some goats that would suit your purpose simply contact the Registrar about registering your goats. Anglo Nubians, Australian Miniature Goats, Boers etc. and any crossbred goats from these breeds can be registered with the AABMGS as 'Foundation' animals.
When Foundation animals are paired with the object of producing an animal of a particular breed type, the progeny of these pairings are eligible for registration as 'Generation 1' graded animals with the Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society Inc.

Generation Grading

In producing miniature versions of standard goat breeds, it is anticipated that five generations of diligent selective breeding should be sufficient to create a recognisable type and remove major variations from the desired type, so that Generation 5 animals could be termed Pure Bred. (The beginning point in the endless task of perfecting the breed - not the end point).
Given the fact that crosses will not always involve animals of the same generation number, we will follow the convention that the generation number of the offspring will be one higher than the generation number of the lowest generation parent. That is, while two Generation 1 (G1) parents will give Generation 2 (G2) offspring, the offspring of a G1 and a G2 will also be graded as G2 (one higher than G1 which is the lowest generation parent). G2 x G4 would give a G3 (given that the lowest generation parent is a G2). 


Each breed will have a unique set of Height Standards which is best suited to their breed. The Height Standards for Australian Miniature Goats have already been developed using information available from other Associations as a guideline (with some adjustments). Heights need to be realistic to begin with to encourage people to become involved. As the breeds develop, Height Standards can be adjusted to suit each individual breed. New goals can be set in order to encourage breeders to become more involved in developing the highest quality of animals. 


Because the AABMGS aims to encompass a number of miniature goat breeding projects, we will need to use more than one grading system. The miniature versions of large breeds will be graded by generation (as described above) and according to an "ideal height range" determined by the AABMGS in discussion with the particular breeders involved with the miniature breed in question.
The designer pet Miniature Goats will be graded according to a modified version of the standards derived from the US Nigerian Dwarf height and grading standard.