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INC#: IA41987
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Australian Miniature Nubian

The Miniature Nubian is in the early stages of development in Australia and is being bred as a mid-sized dairy goat with ancestry comprising the standard-sized Anglo Nubian in combination with the Australian Miniature Goat, Australian Bush Goat or Nigerian Dwarf.
The Australian Miniature Nubian is being bred as a graceful and elegant animal which, when Purebred Status is reached, will ideally stand between 60 and 70 centimetres at the wither. They can come in any colour or colour pattern, with short, fine, glossy hair. They are bred to produce a relatively high quantity and quality of milk with a butterfat yield similar to that of the standard Anglo Nubian.                       

Emphasis is on a structurally correct animal with a well-attached udder that milks with ease - this breed being intended for small farms and property owners who milk by hand and prefer a smaller animal for handling, feeding, and accommodation purposes.

The Australian Miniature Nubian Breed Standard

General Appearance (style & quality): The ideal is an alert, exotic animal with a high, proud head carriage, majestic bearing and upright stance. The goat should show the true attributes of sound dairy type.

Head (skull, eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils): Profile short and arched. Polled or neatly disbudded. Muzzle fine and tapered, nostrils flat, ideally the bite should be where the teeth fit snugly against the dental pad, but the teeth may extend beyond the dental pad. Ears low set on the head, long, broad and pendulous. Eyes should be almond shaped and set wide apart.

Neck: Strong, medium length and without tassels dewlap may be present on both bucks and does

Backline: Straight back either level or slightly rising to hips. May show slight dip behind withers but with no sign of weakness.

Forequarters: Withers well defined, blending firmly into shoulders. Chest broad and deep.

Body (barrel): Heavy framed with good length and reasonable depth.

Hindquarters: Rump rounded, broad and strong but not steep. Wide between thurls, tail short.

Legs: Legs strong and straight with no inclination to cow hocks or weak pasterns, which should be short, strong and upright. Forelegs slightly longer than the depth through the girth.

Feet: Proportionate in size to bone structure, neat, even, level bearing.

Udder: Showing a broad attachment and no pocket, softly textured with a good capacity. Slight division allowed.

Testicles: Well developed, evenly balance, not divided, carrying two testes.

Teats: Two, of good size, not large and unsightly, pointing slightly forward, set well apart and distinct from the udder.

Rudimentary teats: Two, set wide apart slightly to the fore and side of the scrotum, of good size but not overdeveloped, unless the buck is milking.

Size: (height at withers): Does 60-70cm (64cm ideal) , Bucks 65-75 cm (70cm ideal)

Coat: short, fine and glossy (bucks can have a longer and harsher coat than the does)

Colour: Any colour or combination of colours. May be plain (all one colour), broken coloured or mottled. Skin black, but may be grey with black pigmentation. Tan skin is acceptable in light coloured goats.

Differing from the ideal (found & recognised):
Wry tail.
Slightly overshot jaw (the teeth may extend beyond the dental pad in older goats giving the appearance of a slightly overshot jaw but it is the top of the teeth that are out of line, not the actual jaw).

Miniature Nubian Show Heights

Doe under 6 months (under 54cms)

Buck under 6 months (under 55cms)

Doe 6 to 12 months (under 60cms)

Buck 6 to 12 months (under 62cms)

Doe 12 to 24 months (under 66cms)

Buck 12 to 24 months (under 68cms)

Doe 24 to 36 months (under 68cms)

Buck 24 to 36 months (under 72cm)

Doe 3 to 4 years (under 69cms)

Buck 3 to 4 years (under 74cms)

Doe over 4 years (under 70cms)

Buck over 4 years (under 75cms)