Australian All Breeds Miniature Goat Society Inc.

INC#: IA41987
HEAD OFFICE: 1165 Brightview Road, Brightview QLD 4311

Miniature Saanen

General Description   

Dairy type with triple dairy wedge , feminine does, masculine bucks, well blended, no tendency to coarseness, well proportioned




Polled or disbudded, eyes large & bright & set well apart, no coarseness

                                       Feminine, medium length

                                       Facial line - straight or slightly  raised bridge

                                       Medium sized pricked ears carried well above horizontal

                                       Muzzle well developed


Head faults                     Low set ears


Head disqualifications    Wry face

                                       Overshot (parrot mouth)

                                       Undershot (monkey mouth) jaw

                                       Pendulous ears

                                       Elf ears




Blending smoothly into the shoulders with no coarseness, with or without tassels

                                      Does - Long & feminine

                                      Bucks - Masculine & strong


Neck faults                     Short & thick (beefy)

                                       Ewe necked



Back line                      

Backline strong, straight & horizontal


Back faults                     Roach or sway back

                                       Dip behind the withers




Fine withers, blending firmly into shoulders, wide & deep in bucks with medium width & depth in does




Triple dairy wedge with good spring of rib (which are backward sloping with clean flat bone) & proportional length to height


Body faults                     Shallow body

                                       Narrow chest




Gradual fall (gentle downward slope) from hips to tail, good width between hips flaring out to thurls, rump level across thurls


Rump faults                   Steep rump

                                       Flat rump (no gradual fall from hips to tail)

                                       Width decreasing from hips to thurls




Straight, strong, parallel with flat bone, with pasterns short & strong (nearly upright/vertical)


Leg faults                       Toe in or out

                                       Cow or bow hocked

                                       Dropped, weak or long pasterns





Sound & well shaped with good heel depth


Hoof faults                      Claws different sizes





Rear - broad & high attachment.  

Fore  - well forward (at least as far forward as the front of the hip bones)                       Expansion indentation is not a pocket                                 

Sides - attached to the inner thighs                                

Strong medial ligament                                

Skin - soft textured


Udder faults                   Fleshy


                                       Unduly divided


                                       Lack of capacity


Udder skin colour            Tan


Udder skin fault              Pink


Udder skin colour            Grey, dark brown to black



Teat faults                      Different sized teats


                                       Extremely small/thick

                                       Sideways pointing


Teat disqualification       Double teats

                                       Supernumery teats

                                       Multiple orifices

                                       Blind teats




Rudimentary teats      

Two good size teats set slightly to the fore & side of the scrotum, milking bucks will have doe sized teats


Rudimentary teat           Double teats

disqualifications              Supernumery teats

                                       Blind teats

                                       Spurs /sprigs




Two testicles in a well attached scrotum which is relatively even  (in summer may have the appearance of being pendulous)


Testicle faults                 Divided

                                       Unduly pendulous


Testicle                           Undescended testicle(s) - cryptorchid, monorchid




Colour                           Even white/cream


Colour Faults                  Biscuit


Colour                            Dark Biscuit

Disqualifications             Patchiness/uneven colour

                                       Tan to black spot on body larger than a 20 cent piece