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Harlequin Mini Meat Sheep - Denis Russel (Genelink)

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Harlequin Mini Meat Sheep

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Persian sheep are an ancient breed of sheep that originated in Africa.  They come in two varieties, harlequin (or speckled ) and kleur kop (which means ‘coloured head’)

The coloured head variety was first imported into Australia in 1999 and the first harlequins were imported in 2006. They are small, attractive sheep that come in a number of colours . 

They have a short coat made up of hair and some wool.  The breed does not require shearing, with the coat being shed each year in late Summer and Autumn. 

They have high fertility, good maternal instincts and become remarkably placid when regularly handled.

Many people when seeing Persian sheep for the first time mistake them for goats.  They are however a handsome breed of sheep.  The outstanding feature of Persian sheep is their colour and pattern.  Persian sheep come in two basic varieties:-

1. Coloured head(kleur kop in Afrikaans)– in this variety the entire sheep is white except for the head which can be either black, brown, red, tri-colour or blue.

2. Harlequin or Speckled – these sheep have solid coloured heads, legs and tails, while the body is covered with spots and patches on a white background.  The pattern on each  individualsheep is unique.   Harlequin Persians are called ‘Skilder Sheep’ in Afrikaans which literally means painted sheep . This term describes these beautiful animals well.  These sheep are extremely attractive and can also either be black, brown, red, tri-colour or blue

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Stud Sheep Genelink Patches with her twin ewe lambs, September 2014

Coolibah Kruger (Chocolate Speckle Ram), with Coolibah Zulu (Tricolour Speckle Ram), December 2014